LDC is a dental practice redefining dental care to an experience filled with delight. We created a brand & website to elevate the practice beyond clinical clichés to truly one-of-a-kind.

Brand strategyVisual identityTone of voiceWebsite Design

Loughton Dental Centre approached &MATTER to reimagine the brand experience for their key clientele - women seeking out cosmetic treatments. Dubbed by many of their patients as the “Best Kept Secret in Loughton”, we created a brand inspired by the joy of discovering a hidden gem and the delight of pleasant surprises.

We crafted a tone of voice and visual language drawn from the concept of the ‘unboxing’ of a great treatment, with an uplifting colour palette and imagery that breaks away from the typical clinical stereotypes often associated with dental practices. The brand has wide applications to unify the whole patient journey, from posters and social media to waiting room literature and dental products, supporting LDC to build trust and lasting relationships with their patients through consistency.

Brand Collateral

The LDC brand has digital and real world applications, to ensure a cohesive experience for patients at every touchpoint.

Web design

Bearing their competitors in mind, we designed a website to engage, convert and deliver essential information to patients while upholding search engine optimisation principles throughout the design process.

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