Shaping new visions of healthcare

&MATTER is built on the simple belief that branding and design are tools to make the health experience more rewarding, more intuitive & more human.

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What really matters

Human Connection

Creating empathetic brands and digital experiences that make the audience feel seen and cared for.

Human Perspectives

Championing underrepresented people and experiences to build towards a more equitable future in health.

Human Potential

Spreading hope through branding and design to empower patients, clinicians and health professionals

Who we are

&MATTER is a collective of doctors, designers and developers

Headshot of Rolake Ojo

Founder & Creative Lead

Rolake Ojo

From doctor to designer, Rolake now uses her medical expertise to design brands that nurture the relationships good care is built on. Aside from her work with &MATTER, she empowers clinicians to carve their own path in her podcast Brand New Dr.

Headshot of Rolake Ojo

Clinical UX Lead

Dr Gyles Morrison

Pioneering the field of clinical UX and founding the Clinical UX Association, Gyles uses his design and medical expertise to help healthcare companies make products and services that are valued by clinicians and patients.

Headshot of Rolake Ojo

Development Lead

Bernard Asante

Graphic designer, developer and founder of the digital consultancy Asante, Bernard has worked extensively with several major companies. From concept to development, he builds powerful digital solutions.

Our Process

How we make brands and experiences that matter

01Brand Strategy

Define your unique perspective

Together through workshops and interviews, we'll establish brand values that are built on the connection between what matters to you and to your audience.


Discovery workshops, audience & competitor research, brand positioning

02Brand Identity

Develop a brand that resonates

Here, strategic insights are grown into a creative direction. From this a cohesive brand is born that will captivate and inspire trust in your audience.


Visual identity, naming, logo design, tone of voice, brand guidelines

03Brand Experience

Champion your brand to the world

Time to boldly share your vision - amplify your brand's voice with meaningful brand collateral and digital experiences that forge a lasting connection with your audience


Website & app design (UX/UI), social media design, pitch decks, printed brand collateral

Here You're Understood

Talk with a team that speaks the languages of healthcare & design